Portes Ouvertes / Open Studio exhibition Ivry-sur-Seine 2014

2014 Mixed media, watercolour silkscreen, acrylic, ink, gouache.
400x500mm Fabriano Rosapina 220gsm

I am very happy to participate again at this year's Portes Ouvertes / Open Studio exhibition in Ivry-sur-Seine (Paris region). I have been working on a new series of mixed media works over 2013-14 and will be exhibiting them at Lotisement 17 of the Quai 103 (Yoplait) studios in Ivry. Address: Quai 103 44 rue Jules Vanzuppe or 103 rue ...

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Welcome to my new site which displays an archive of my older work as well as current pieces. Check out my blog to keep up to date with what I am busy working on and for upcoming ...